Pastor Cheryl D. Moore

Senior Pastor, Preacher, Conference Speaker, Life Coach, Advisor, Community Organizer and Visionary are just a few of the divine assignments that Pastor Cheryl has embraced in her life. Known for her dynamic and powerful preaching style, she has been in ministry – preaching and teaching – for over 20 years. Using the backdrop of her life and her own struggles to fuel her ministry, Pastor Cheryl is passionate about impacting the people of God with life-changing truth.

Receiving the call to the gospel ministry, Pastor Cheryl was the first woman licensed to preach in the 127 year history of First Missionary Baptist Church in Smithfield, North Carolina. She was subsequently nationally ordained to the Gospel Ministry.

Pastor Cheryl served as the Youth Pastor at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church in Charlotte NC from 1996 to 2004.  Known as the “hip hop preacher,” God used her to impact countless lives of young people across the nation. In 2004, Pastor Cheryl relocated from Charlotte to Durham, NC, where she currently serves as the Senior Pastor of Zion Temple. A true trailblazer, she is the first female pastor of this church in its 107 year history.  Her ministry in Zion Temple is touching lives in powerful ways, and the church has experienced exponential growth on all levels under her leadership. Zion Temple is quickly becoming a multi-faceted ministry that is on the cutting edge of spiritual and personal growth and development. It has become a magnet for persons of all backgrounds who are on the fringes of life—recovering addicts, victims of abuse, and broken families. 

As a modern critical thinker and a cultural revolutionist, Pastor Cheryl studied in several regions in the Middle East including Israel, Syria, Jordan, Greece, and Northern Sudan. Her passion for people has also led her to complete several mission endeavors in the impoverished areas of the West Indies.

As an education enthusiast and academic, Pastor Cheryl earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and a Master of Divinity degree from Duke Divinity School at Duke University. Because of her desire to mentor and equip, she is also the Founder and President of the YADAH School of Theology and The Pink Power Puncher Empowerment Group. Among her other gifts, Pastor Cheryl is a prolific lyricist, writer, and sports enthusiast.

Her impactful and transformational messages of hope, healing, and unlimited possibilities coupled with a unique indomitable style of delivery has earned her the affectionate title “The People’s Pastor.”

Pastor Cheryl has a great passion for those who are disenfranchised and on the fringes of life.  Her community outreach endeavors have uplifted and mobilized many across the nation.  In 2008, Pastor Cheryl was honored by the National Congress of Black Women at their 24th Annual Awards brunch with the first ever Sojourner Truth Award for her community efforts.

In Her Own Words: “I cannot conform to anyone’s predetermined notions concerning me. The only box in which I fit is the one that God has placed me in. God has truly graced my life in so many phenomenal ways. My only desire is to impart the wonders of His Grace and the Efficacy of His Power into the lives of others.”

We pray that you are blessed by the ministry gift of this anointed vessel of God,

Pastor Cheryl D. Moore.